November 16 & 17, 2018

The biggest development, design and technological innovation event in Chile and one of the most important of South America. We've gathered world stars and local experts to speak of Design, UX, Product, Programming, Technology, DevOps and new trends that are changing the industry (such as Blockchain and Machine Learning)


The stars that will be with us this year.

Natasha Jaques
MIT Media Lab, DeepMind (Google)
Mike McNeil
Creator of Sails.js
José Casal
Co-founder of Actineo Consulting
Alistair Cockburn
Uno de los autores del Manifiesto Ágil ( Experto en ingeniería de software y desarrollo ágil.


Junto a ellos, más de 20 expositores seleccionados.

Agustín Feuerhake
Co-founder de Platanus, y Fintual.
Alba Cárdenas
Frontend, Backend y Mobile Developer en Continuum Chile.
Alejandro Parodi
Co-Founder & CISO at Hackmetrix
Andrés Marinkovic
CTO en Fintual
Chihau Chau
Ingeniero de Software, Consultor y Profesor Fundador de QBO
Consuelo Olivares
UX Designer en Continuum Chile
Daniel Pérez Rada
Co-Fundador/CTO de Epistemonikos
Eduardo Graells-Garrido
Research Scientist. Profesor asistente en Data Science Institute UDD
Ignacio Abarca
CTO en TeleDx
Ignacio Pérez
Fellow de Informática en Clínica Alemana de Santiago
Jonathan González
Devops en Gobierno Digital del Ministerio Secretaria General de la Presidencia
Juan Correa Poblete
Web Developer en Medios Regionales (El Mercurio)
Leonardo Álvarez
CEO & Co-founder en Geaenzymes
Leonardo Graterol
Web UI Engineer en Globant
Lorena Duarte
Consultora y diseñadora de UX & Service Design en Continuum Perú
Luis Sánchez
DevOps & Cloud Architect de PreyProject
Mauro Strione
Agile Coach & Trainer en el COE de Everis
Mauricio Castro
CTO y Co-fundador de
Maximiliano Osorio
Ingeniero Civil en Informática, candidato a Magister y profesor en la UTSFM.
Miguel González
Arquitecto de software y líder técnico en el área TI de Previred
Paula Vásquez
Ingeniera Civil Industrial, candidata a Magister en Ciencias de la Ingeniería UDD.
Riva Quiroga
Lingüista. Co-fundadora de R-Ladies Santiago y R-Ladies Valparaíso.
Sebastián Ossés
Músico, sociólogo y diseñador. Director en Continuum Perú
Silvia Angulo
Comunicadora, consultora de UX y Service Design en Continuum Perú
Ubaldo Taladriz
CEO de EXE y Vicepresidente de Chiletec.
Yerka Freire
Física, doctorada en el Centro de Investigación en Complejidad Social UDD.

{about this conference}

These are the 4 central topics that will be spoken of in this edition.

Product & Design

Nowadays, with the speed at which changes occur and the immediacy that digital channels allow, you're obligated to get better and stand out due to your competence. In this topic, finding success stories, methodologies and experiences from industry leaders that create innovative products and design memorable user experiences and services.

From Product Management to Service Design, also going through UX and UI Design.

Development & Technology

With the constant advance of languages, frameworks, editors, the Web, mobile devices and others, mobile engineers and people in the industry maintain themselves in a state of constant learning, which allows the generation of better products and services that help the betterment of our world.

Topics related to the technologies used in development, that is, programming languages, frameworks (whether they be mobile, backend, frontend or others), databases, etc.


The cloud, automatization and continuos supply replace "deployment steps" manuals and operation, "Accelerating your products". Connect with DevOps, the combination of practices and techniques that allow everything to work

About teams that integrate development with operation and the technology that sets up this integration. This topic covers containers, automatization, high availability, scalability, pipes, etc.

Exciting Trends

Here are some great topics that have been published this past year, like criptocurrency, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

A separate space to highlight new trends and technologies with potential to change the world.

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We will once again be located at the Central House of the Pontificia Universidad Católica

Located at Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 390, Metro Universidad Católica, L1