Code of conduct

  • It is required that all assistants, speakers, sponsors and volunteers of our conference accept the following code of conduct.
  • The organizers will make sure this code is met throughout the event.
  • We hope to have the collaboration of all participants in order to help maintain a secure environment for all.
  • In summary: Don't be an idiot!

The short version

Our conference is dedicated in offering an experience free of abuse for everyone, independent of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, size, race or religion.

We do not tolerate abuse from the participants of the conference under any of it's forms.

Sexual language and images are not appropriate in any room of the conference, including keynotes, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media.

The participants of the conference that violate these rules can be sanctioned or kicked out of the event without refund at the discretion of the organizers.

The not so short version

Abuses include: offensive commentary in reference to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, harassment, persecution, photography or recordings of abuse, continuous interruptions of keynotes or other events, inappropriate physical contact and unwanted sexual attention.

It's expected that the participants urged to stop any type of abusive behavior immediately obey.

The sponsors are also subject to the policy against abuse. In particular, the sponsors should not use images, activities or other material with sexual content. The personnel at the booths (volunteers included) should not wear clothes/uniforms/sexual disguises, or create in any way a sexualized environment.

If a participant incurs in abusive behavior, the organizers of the conference can take any action that they see fit, including warnings to the offender or his expulsion from the conference without refund.

We hope the participants follow these rules at the conference, workshops and social events related to the conference.

Need help?

If you're suffering any form of abuse, warn about abuses from another person or have any other type of concern, please contact a member of the conference personnel immediately. Conference personnel can be easily identified, since they'll be wearing shirts of the event.

If the problem is urgent, you'll be able to contact the organization by calling: +569 94427755 or +569 8733 9008.

Conference personnel will be happy to help participants contact security of the hotel/room or the local authorities, provide security detail or assist in another way to those that are suffering abuse, so that they feel safe through the duration of the conference.

We value your assistance.

Remember that you may always say no to something that you do not want to do o hear. If you're not heard, we'll help.